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Bobby Wilson

-Based Artist

To be perfectly honest, Bobby “DUES” Wilson had a less than appealing upbringing. As a child, Bobby’s family lived in homeless shelters, motels, and on friend’s couches in his ancestral homeland, Minnesota. I’d like to say that he’s well educated, but he didn’t get a high school diploma until he was 20 years old and only went to colleges to sell weed and raise hell. But now a days, Bobby can be seen using comedy with sharp social commentary on YouTube and major media outlets including Comedy Central, FX, and a featured spot on The Moth Radio Hour, one of the top Podcasts and most listened to radio shows in America. Bobby’s even been invited to colleges across the US and Canada to speak on his experiences, and to perform live comedy with his troupe, The 1491s. His paintings and beadwork are heavily influenced by his life in the Hip-Hop community of Minnesota, growing up in a scene that birthed artists like Lizzo, Brother Ali, and EWOK AWR. The pieces often tell stories of survival while appearing flashy and bold as a gold chain and diamond ring.

When all’s said and done, Bobby Dues could be doing a lot worse!

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Bobby Wilson