Artist Bio

Cynthia Naugle

Tucson, AZ-Based Artist

Ten Times A Tiger is designer toys and art made by Cynthia Naugle. She’s been creating designer toys since 2015. Coming from a comic book inspired background Cynthia believes that storytelling could go beyond pages, movies, etc, and could be told with toys. Known for A Land of Ten, a line of characters that come from a mythological world that’s best described as “If Outkast told Jim Henson stories on Cartoon Network”. Characters are mischievous, whimsical, comical, and come with profound attitude.

 “Hip-Hop has inspired me from my art to fashion to confidence. Especially in the Tucson Community, I’ve met so many talented people, been to the most memorable shows, and have always wanted to put on a Hip Hop art show. Thanks to &Gallery it’s something that has finally come true!”

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Cynthia Naugle