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Henry Cortez

Tucson, AZ-Based Artist

My name is Henry Cortez jr. Born and raised in Tucson Arizona. A south side native with a love for art, cars and tattoos. As a kid with both my parents being creative and artsy themselves. They raised me to explore my creativity as well. Being an art nerd throughout high school and college helped me find the art of tattooing I was always interested in. A local artist noticed my talents and took me under his wing, paving my way to make art a career and still be creative on skin as well as paper. I’m inspired by my surroundings growing up Mexican on the south side of town the culture is rich with art whether it be a mural or a beautifully decorated car. 

With the art and culture comes the music. And hip hop was always a go to, it inspires me with its story telling and strong messages. Not to mention the fusion it bonds  between all the elements art dance and words.

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Henry Cortez