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Michael Steimle

Tucson, AZ-Based Artist

Born and raised in Tucson, Az. Growing up drawing old school cartoons on dot-matrix paper I took from elementary school. From there I would buy comic books for the artwork and try to replicate those amazing drawing on the pages of the comic books. Eventually attended Pima and took classes from Fine Art classes to Graphic Design to Illustration. Growing up music was and is a big part of my life. I remember being in 6th grade hearing Hip-hop for the first time, it was a lot different from the soft-rock and country I grow with hearing over the radio.  The beats and flowing of the words, had caught my ear. From then on, I became a fan of Hip-Hop. Some of my favorite artist are 2pac, Eminem, Biggie, Outkast, DMX, and B.o.B.. I believe Hip-Hop is a lifestyle; a creative outlet for life. It’s a motivation for a better self.

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Michael Steimle