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Nolan Patterson

Tucson, AZ-Based Artist

Nolan Patterson is a self-taught artist that grew up in Tucson, Arizona. Having grown up through the 90s with an artist mother his love for art and color began at a young age. Throughout his life, cartoons and music have been the major inspirations for his art. But it his experience with life struggles and the emotions that come with that inspired the mixed media, abstract approach that now characterizes his style. 

“I’ve always loved hip hop as I grew up in the 90s when hip hop was really taking off and getting super popular. I’ve always listed to hip hop and stuff so it has undoubtedly influenced a lot of my life including my art. I started out by drawing graffiti letters when I was a kid and as I’ve grown up Ive moved into illustrating musicians that I’m inspired by and/or are listening to at the moment.”

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Nolan Patterson