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Tonio Cintron

-Based Artist

“I never gave Hip Hop a fair shake. I grew up Punk and Hardcore. Every once in a while there was a little Hip Hop crumb that I’d listen to and bring into my mixes growing up: Wu-Tang, Ghostface, Rakim, Aaliyah, Timberland – but I never considered Hip Hop and Rap a source for inspiration until a few years ago. I heard there was an artist named J. Cole who’s album went triple platinum and he had no features on it. So I checked out his album January 24th, and since then have become immersed. Fast forward just a few years later, and I look to Hip Hop and Hip Hop culture for inspiration constantly. If I’m drawing odds are I have on instrumentals or I’m burning through some new Hip Hop album I’ve been trying to sit down to listen to. This show gave me an opportunity to reflect on which artists have helped define what Hip Hop really means to me: an abstract and colorful way to represent yourself, giving me access to the popular culture that I never had with Punk or Hardcore.”

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Tonio Cintron