Artist Bio

Zina Rubiner

Arizona-Based Artist

Zina “Phenx” Rubiner is a world traveling dancer and painter, originally from Arizona. She first began breaking in 2004 under the wing of Sour Patch Crew. A couple years later she naturally gravitated towards painting where she began using aerosol as well as acrylics. Her Sonoran desert inspired pieces are made to expand the mind and ignite the heart. The hip-hop community also greatly influences her style and plays a significant role in what she represents/who she is today.  Most recently Phenx took 1st place at “Rich in Styles” 1vs1 Bgirl invite battle, and 1st place at “Tucson Hip-Hop Festival” 1vs1 Bboy/Bgirl battle. She has been participating in dance events and art shows for over a decade, feeling most in her element when dancing in the cypher or painting a giant wall. Phenx lives and breathes hip-hop. 

How are you Inspired by hip-hop?

Hip Hop has been my life for the past 15 years as a competitive Bgirl and painter. The hip hop community has been my family and I am so grateful for its constant presence in my life. I participate in breaking battles regularly and paint as much as possible. Hip hop has changed/saved/inspired my life forever.

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Zina Rubiner