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Monsters & Misfits Art Show

6 pm on 12/01

An Eerie Art Show

“& gallery” is Tucson’s newest art gallery opening focused on comic art, zines, collectibles and art that’s “off the beaten track”. Our inaugural art show called “Monsters & Misfits” will December 1st featuring local Tucson artists: Don Akers @waddupnative, Gabby Vee @gabbyvee, Spencer Godfrey @yerfdog1991, Jon Wang @zorgmetal and Orion Frantz @loosebones.

The “& gallery” space is also a collaborative multidisciplinary graphic design studio; home to design agency, Eat Sleep Work and Dan Goers Creatography. Our mission is to provide an accessible art venue for Tucson’s alternative forward thinking open minded audience including millennial and Gen Z markets.

Founder Jonathan Wang says “As an artist myself, it’s just so intimidating and nearly impossible for young talent to have an art venue that speaks their language. ‘& gallery’ is a concept that will cater to people who love comics, zines, cult movies, collectibles like vinyl toys and other throwback items: records, cassettes, VHS, etc. but completely live their lives via Instagram. Like a juxtaposition of technology meets DIY”.

Future art shows will include vinyl toys, computer generated artwork and more.

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